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Learn How to Embrace Authenticity and Develop Your Leadership Skills Now
In this FREE 3-Step Guide to Cultivate Your Leadership Legacy, I'll help you:

  Learn how to trust yourself and your decision making to accelerate your business/career success


      Create a vision for your future


        Define your values so you can lead more powerfully from them


          Embody greater leadership confidence


            Uncover where your “hidden commitments” are that are preventing you from your full leadership potential


            Do you sense your own potential but feel you are holding back?

            Desire to grow but aren’t sure how to trust yourself to lead and transform your vision or career goals into a reality?

            Whether you’re an entrepreneur or career professional, your ability to trust yourself, align with your values, and lead from your zone of genius is your direct path to greater leadership success.

            Learn the award-winning framework to greater leadership success with our free guide now! 

              "When Amber started coaching me, I was barely getting by. I went from struggling and getting by on $1,200-$2,000 a month, to consistent $11,000-$13,000 a month in less than a year working with her. This life is something that seemed IMPOSSIBLE to me even a year ago. Without Amber’s help and guidance, I know I’d still be back there somewhere trying to figure it out. She has helped me fast track my success and I cannot recommend the services she provides enough... I can’t imagine how lost and stuck I’d still be if I hadn’t made the investment to do this work."
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              Kate F.
              KATE FORE BOUDOIR
              "I made $150,000 more this year because of Amber’s coaching and I'm living so much more joyfully. I have noticed a shift in my business because there’s been a shift in me.

              I look back, and years ago I was resistant to receiving this type of coaching help. We all have blind spots, and until I finally took my guard down and allowed this work to happen, and to allow Amber to guide me, I didn’t even know what was possible! You don’t even know how good it can be! ...I can’t speak highly enough about what she has meant in my life and business."

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              Nicole B.
              A HEALER'S HAND + THE NEST
              "Amber helped me grow my business but she’s provided me so much more support than that! She has guided me on a journey to becoming more confident and to fulfill my purpose. Her support has helped me become more confident in who I am and has helped me grow my business in a way that feels authentic to me and fits what I want. I’m now in a stronger place to confidently face any challenge moving forward. My business had been plateaued for years, and after working together this is the first time it’s grown in years! Amber helped me become more confident in my brand, and get more serious about sales, budgeting, and steps to strategically build my business. With this foundation in place and the results I’m seeing, I’m motivated to continue working with Amber to grow my business even further than I ever have before!"
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              Amy P.

              "I can’t thank Amber enough for helping me change my life. So much has changed in the three years since we started working together...

              She not only helped me in business but helped me to build confidence in myself and to embrace more of who I authentically am, and from working with her I’ve learned to lead in ways I never thought I could. If you want to go for your dreams and are looking for guidance from someone who is authentic, judgment-free, who will help you remember the badass that you are, while helping you to grow your business too, I highly recommend working with Amber."

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              Melissa D.
              Meet Amber Swenor

              Amber’s journey has taken her across the world and through years of healing to fully uncover and align with her Soul Seed, her vision for guiding conscious leaders into creating wildly meaningful impact through successful companies.

              She’s grown a service-based business from the ground up to over $1M/year in under four years. She’s coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, healers, and visionaries worldwide to align with their authenticity and grow values-aligned businesses.

              Today, Amber provides transformational coaching, consulting, and speaking, and she’s the co-founder of Soul Seed CBD with her husband.

              As CEO of her company Soul Seed Strategy, she leads a team to help businesses better position their brands for long-term success through brand strategy and strategic marketing services.

                Are you ready to embrace authenticity and develop your leadership skills?

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